Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar

Research & Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications


Gonzalez Guittar, Stephanie. 2017. “Barriers to Food Security among Extended Stay Motel Residents”. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 44(2), 29-52.

Lowney, Kathleen, Anne Price, and Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar. 2017. “Are Introduction to Sociology and Social                             Problems Morphing Into Each Other? What Syllabi Can Tell Us.” Teaching Sociology, 45(1): 1-13.

Bubriski-McKenzie, Anne and Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar. 2016. “Gender Images in Children’s Literature.”  The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Edited by Nancy Naples, Renee C. Hoogland, Maithree Wickramasinghe, and Angela Wong.


Gonzalez Guittar, Stephanie and Nicholas Guittar. 2015. “Intersectionality”.  International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Ed.  Edited by James D. Wright. Section Editors: Douglas Massey and Mitch Sato.


Gonzalez Guittar, Stephanie and Shannon K. Carter. 2014. “Disciplining the Ethical Couponer: An Foucauldian Analysis of Online Interactions”.  Foucault Studies, 18:131-153.


Carter, Shannon K. and Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar. 2014. “Emotion Work among Pregnant and Birthing Women.Midwifery, 30(9):1021-1028.


Carter, Shannon K. and Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar. 2012. “Laboring through Pain: Body, Mind and Emotion Work 

            among Midwifery Clients.” Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 45. New York: Nova Science Publishers


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