Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar

Community Engagement

2018                          Community Advisory Board Member, EarthFare, Orlando, FL

                                   Co-Chair, Working Group on School Violence Prevention, Orlando, FL

Annual Point in Time Count of Homeless Persons Volunteer, Orlando, FL

                                   Data Entry & Analysis of Intake Forms from Puerto Rican Refugees, Orlando, FL

                                   Volunteer, HFUW Hurricane Maria Airport Welcome Center

2015                          Data Entry and Analysis for Point in Time (PIT) Homeless Count, Valdosta and Brunswick, GA.

2015                          Volunteer Organizer for Point in Time Homeless Count, Valdosta, GA

2014                          Consultant, Point in Time Homeless Count: South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness 

2014-2015                Hungry at Home Backpack Program Volunteer, Sallas Mahone Elementary, Valdosta, GA.

2014                          Board Member: Family Promise of Lancaster (homeless services provider)

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